International Recovery Day 2022

International Recovery Day is a non-profit organisation that promotes all recovery pathways from addiction worldwide. It aims to educate the public about the value of addiction recovery. 

And this year, it’s aiming for the sky with a unique virtual fireworks event.

How did International Recovery Day start, and how can you get involved in the celebration?

Having retired from a life-long career in the addiction prevention and treatment realm, its Founder, John Winslow, shifted his energies to build bridges within recovery communities. 

He experienced widespread support for the concept of an international event linking individuals, families, and recovery communities. So, a Steering Committee was formed, non-profit status was secured, and a Facebook page was established to build further support, recognition, and connectivity within the global recovery community.

The organisation’s overarching goal is to connect recovering individuals, families, and communities globally to provide hope to overcome addiction. 

International Recovery Day objectives

  • To heighten awareness of the value of recovery and how individuals in recovery transform from being part of the problem to part of the solution
  • To demonstrate to the recovery community and all of humanity how diverse, widespread, passionate, positive, committed, and connected a force we are
  • To shift the focus of the ravages of addiction from “the problem” to “the solution”
  • To connect individuals and organisations worldwide from all Recovery pathways
  • To celebrate the Recovery Experience
  • To raise awareness that there are many pathways to recovery – no “wrong doors”
  • To offer hope to all individuals (and their loved ones) regarding the power and value of recovery

How can you get involved in International Recovery Day?

International Recovery Day itself is a free online event, globally celebrated on September 30, 2022. The unique event is a one-of-a-kind historic online experience during which, you can launch your own celebratory virtual firework.

To take part in the celebration of the hope and help offered through different recovery paths, you can register below:

And please remember, AnonyMind is here to support anyone in the UK with free, confidential, online treatment for gambling-related harms. 

You can access our free self-help library here

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Supporting Andy Reid MBE and the Standing Tall Foundation

By working in partnership with Andy Reid MBE and his Standing Tall Foundation at AnonyMind, we’ve seen their commitment to Mental Health and helping others first-hand.

Now, the former soldier is attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on the 13th anniversary of the explosion in Afghanistan that made him a triple amputee.

In his attempt to summit Africa’s highest mountain, Andy aims to show what amputees can achieve while raising funds for his charity.

Good luck, Andy -we’re all shouting for you!

You can sponsor Andy’s climb and follow his journey, here:
➡️ Just Giving
➡️ Standing Tall Foundation

Gambling Addiction Treatment Data: AnonyMind Q2 Service Overview

Inside AnonyMind’s Q2 2022 report, you’ll find unique insights and trends based on our gambling addiction treatment data.

Inside our Q2 2022 report, you’ll find unique insights and trends based on AnonyMind gambling addiction treatment data.

Do you have any questions about the report, our services, or have interest in helping to fund treatment? Please contact AnonyMind’s chief operating officer, Andy Atha: or contact us here.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Data: AnonyMind Q1 Service Overview

Inside AnonyMind’s Q1 report, you’ll find unique insights and trends based on our gambling addiction treatment data.

Do you have any questions about the report, our services, or have interest in helping to fund treatment? Please contact AnonyMind’s chief operating officer, Andy Atha: or contact us here.

Allocate RET Funding

Allocate RET funding to AnonyMind via Leon House Private Clinic: Explore the easy options, including specific treatment programmes, here

AnonyMind supports operators with a direct investment for RET funding to enable our award-winning online therapy and self-help, via AnonyMind parent company, Leon House Private Clinic.

Leon House Private Clinic is endorsed by the UKGC and is on the Research, Education and Training (RET) register. This enables AnonyMind to receive funding from operators as part of their licensing requirements.

Explore the easy options we have for allocating RET funding via Leon House, including specific treatment programmes:

Allocate RET funding here

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Mental health treatment service AnonyMind wins ‘Tech for Good’ award, the online mental health treatment service, has scooped the ‘Tech for Good’ award at this year’s Prolific North Champions Awards.

The scalable and confidential platform continues to remove traditional barriers to people accessing life-changing/life-saving support. Its free-to-use online platform encompasses a self-help library, online self-assessment for gambling addiction, and access to expert therapist treatment when people feel ready.

Mental health treatment options

AnonyMind co-founder Andy Iddon says, “We’re grateful to be recognised by the Prolific North awards judges as an innovative provider. Winning this award will help us reach as many people who need support as possible.

“The clients we treat, and peers we work with, appreciate that compulsive gamblers face barriers in accessing traditional walk-in and residential treatment. From stigma and GP referrals to waiting lists and the cost and time of attending face-to-face centres. With our client-first model of clinic-based (via our parent company, Leon House Private Clinic) and online treatment options, those barriers can be removed.”

Mental health treatment clinics closed

Ryan Durkin, co-founder, said: “While we were working on how to help people recover via technology, the pandemic descended. Lockdowns exacerbated the barriers to treatment. Drop-in clinics and residential facilities – including our parent company clinic Leon House – closed. It made our goal of building AnonyMind a critical solution for countless people cut off from traditional treatment.”

Confidential and flexible

Lead clinician Dr Jamie Barsky explains, “People can now receive confidential treatment from qualified clinicians. And it’s at a time that suits them, regardless of location. For our clinicians, AnonyMind combines the functionality of three NHS platforms into one; patient record management, calendar booking management, and video calls. So, it’s easy for us to help the people who need our support.”

Corporate and armed services solutions

AnonyMind provides services to individuals and businesses with Employee Assistance Programmes and wellbeing provisions. AnonyMind’s co-founders have also funded online mental health treatment for British Armed Services personnel and for Veterans.

Andy concludes: “Our clinicians are from varied backgrounds offering a range of mental health services. S,o we can increase the breadth of treatment we provide for other behavioural and mental health issues. These include depression, anxiety, and stress.”

AnonyMind team at the Prolific North Awards

Get in touch

Get in touch via 0333 939 8321/ if you are:

  • Someone who works for an organisation that needs help with EAP programmes and confidential assessments and treatment
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